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Ultra long-range electric cars possible but not viable says Nissan Engineer | T3

Tom McCabe also explains why the new Leaf is more than just a refresh

A Senior Engineer at Nissan has said that while ultra long-range electric vehicles are indeed possible (500miles and upwards) they’d be too heavy and too expensive for todays market.

The new Nissan Leaf 2013 model features an impressive 199km range, a considerable improvement over the last model which managed 175km and while it would be possible to make them go further, McCabe argues there’s simply no need at present.

“We’ve always got the discussion between the weights of the battery, the cost of the battery, and how far people want to go. So we’ve got to make a viable product for people. For example if we gave you a car with 500 miles, it would be a very heavy car, it would be a very expensive car and we’d also have to completely change the package.”

“In the next five years, obviously we’re looking at other EV’s and we’ll continue to look at how we can improve range.”



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