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UK invests £1bn in low-carbon auto manufacturing

A massive investment by the United Kingdom could help it pass American, European, and Asian national auto industries for pole position on the road to a low-carbon transportation future.

Late last week, the UK government joined with 27 companies across the country’s automobile industry in pledging £1 billion toward an Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC), to develop and commercialize low-carbon vehicle technologies.

The government and auto industry will each invest £500 million into the APC project, which is expected to rev up the UK’s economic engines by creating at least 30,000 jobs and turning the country into a clean transportation leader within a decade.

Driving Success For United Kingdom Automakers

Last week’s APC announcement is part of the country’s larger “Driving Success” sustainability strategy, which aims to tune up the UK’s auto industry in time to seize the huge low-carbon transportation market potential coming down the pike. With 129,000 workers currently employed in the auto industry, stakes are high.

UK auto industry employees

UK auto industry employees graphic via Driving Success

The UK has accelerated its efforts to lead global markets in the future of clean transportation, pumping £6 billion in total investments into modernizing its automotive industry over the past two years. Great Britain has become one of the biggest auto manufacturers in Europe, making 1.58 million vehicles in 2012 and exporting 80% of them to 100 countries, but only a third of the parts going into those vehicles are domestically sourced.


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