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The real reason no-one is using public charging stations

“Did you know that your, like countless other city councils across the UK, is squandering thousands of pounds of taxpayer money on hundreds of public charging stations for electric cars that no-one wants to drive? It’s an outrage! A travesty! And anyway… electric cars are rubbish!”

A Source West charging station in Bristol

What you’ve just read is my attempt to paraphrase, (and parody) the numerous gritty and bitter ‘your council is wasting money to spend on rich people’ and ‘no-one wants electric cars’ stories trotted out with such venom and astonishing regularity by news outlets across the UK that you’d be forgiven for thinking they were part of some global conspiracy against EVs.

Generally using information obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, the stories tell the same, crushing narrative to local residents: since wasting spending thousands of pounds of taxpayer money on installing public charging stations for electric cars in council-owned car parks across your area, only a handful of electric cars drivers have even attempted to use them. Because as we all know, there are only four middle-class liberals stupid enough to own an electric car in the area…


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