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Tesla’s Super-supercharging: How about Going Wireless? : EV WORLD.COM [1156]

Following publication of my previous blog, I commented that “Elon Musk never bought the swap idea betting on supercharging instead.” I then rectified, albeit with two caveats, my position in a Seeking Alpha article published right after Tesla’s demonstration of its battery exchange scheme.

My first caveat was that:

“Tesla’s swap mechanism is likely to succeed provided its business plan ensures an adequate return on investment in the next 8-10 years, the approximate time required for commercialization of different kinds of metal-air batteries that will also make supercharging, wireless charging and swapping (altogether) obsolete.”

And my second one was that:

“… supercharging will eventually go wireless and, to the extent that this revolutionary mechanism evolves and becomes widespread, it will most likely start displacing swapping as well.”



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