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Tesla Supercharging Stations Will Soon Charge EVs in 5-minutes – Gadget Review

Tesla believes they can fully charge one of their cars in just 5-minutes.

Tesla’s Supercharging stations can charge the company’s Model S to 50% in just 20 minutes time. Filling a gas tank to the same “capacity” takes just minutes. However, Tesla now believes they’ve got the tech, resources and infrastructure to fully charge one of their cars in just 5-minutes time.

Tesla hasn’t officially unveiled their plans on how or when they plan to accomplish this charging feat. Nevertheless, JB’s Straubel, Tesla’s head of technology, says “It’s not going to happen in a year from now. It’s going to be hard. But I think we can get down to five to 10 minutes”.

If you recall, the auto maker recently unveiled their plans to build battery swapping stations throughout the country. Make no mistake, this is not the same tech. Currently, Tesla’s Supercharging stations can deliver 120 kilowatts of electricity. That’s an unparalleled amount of juice, at least relatively speaking to any other auto maker or charging station on the market today.



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