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Tesla S, Roadster way out in front of Leaf, RAV4 EV in long distance electric care race |

Why are we not all driving electric cars by now? If you listen to the manufacturers advertising we should all be driving them? There is however one reason (apart from the sky-high price of joining the electric car club) why we cannot all be driving electric, which is range. We do not all live in the cozy world of the electric car manufacturers adverts, where we all drive a maximum of ten miles to work and back. That is just not the world that most of us live in unfortunately.

This huge concern for most people thinking of going electric has been highlighted in a recent competition for electric cars.

In total, four cars from Tesla, one Toyota, one Mitsubishi and a Nissan, alongside a Zero S motorcycle, lined for an adventure covering 1,500 miles from Canada to California. There were three Tesla Model S and a Roadster, two Nissan Leaf, the RAV4 EV from Toyota and the iMiEV from Mitsubishi, taking part in this serious endurance distance for electric vehicles.

The race was in four sections with timed checkpoints in each section that allowed breaks in the race so that all the cars could catch up and start each section together. The winner was the vehicle with the fastest time across all four sections.



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