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Tesla Quietly Updates Model S Service Loaner Purchase Plan

Tesla Motors has taken pains to offer perceptibly progressive service policies including one in which Model S owners are entitled to an as-good-as or better Model S loaner car delivered to their location in exchange for their car needing service.

It’s a sweet deal, and the policy was announced by company Chairman, Product Architect & CEO Elon Musk in April. The way it was originally presented is if customers like the loaner car, they could buy it at a pre-arranged price. This rather unique policy is one of several accommodations Tesla is attempting to offer to make for an exemplary ownership “experience.”

We inadvertently learned today however that Tesla quietly changed its policy to reduce how much it will discount a Model S loaner by potentially thousands of dollars.

In April we and other publications originally reported Tesla’s novel policy, and quoted a blog post bylined by Musk who said 1 percent of the MSRP would be subtracted from the sales price for each month the loaner had been in service. In addition to that discount, a pro-rating of $1 per odometer mile would also be subtracted, the blog post originally said.

Tesla amended a related policy on Model S resale values not long after, and today we were informed the service loaner purchase policy was also changed some time between April and now without public notification that the 1 percent part was no longer in effect. In fact, Tesla’ official blog bylined by Musk was edited so as to erase any record of there ever having been a 1 percent discount offered.


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