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Tesla Lifecycle Battery Performance Exceeds Expectations – EVWORLD.COM

Plug In America releases results of first-ever independent battery life test and finds that the Roadster maintains 80- to 85-percent of capacity after 100,000 miles driven.
MILPITAS, Calif. — Battery packs in Tesla Motors’ Roadster electric cars will retain an average of 80- to 85-percent of capacity after 100,000 miles driven, according to a study published today by Plug In America, the nation’s leading plug-in vehicle advocacy organization. The finding, released here at the Teslive Tesla users conference, bests initial projections set by Tesla Motors in 2006 which suggested a 70-percent capacity retention after five years and 50,000 miles driven, said Tom Saxton, Plug In America’s chief science officer.

“Our study also found no discernable effect of climate on battery-pack longevity,” said Saxton, who lead the research. “Roadster owners in hot climates are not seeing noticeably differentbattery capacity profiles than owners in moderate climates.”



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