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Tesla adds two ‘superchargers’ in Washington; Oregon sites on the way | Sustainable Business Oregon

With a pair of new heavy-duty charging stations, Tesla Motors has cemented its affection for Oregon and Washington drivers.

Tesla has installed two more “superchargers” between Portland and Vancouver, B.C. The strategy “enables (Tesla’s) Model S drivers to easily travel for free, forever” between the two cities.

The superchargers are located in Centralia and Burlington, Wash. Tesla will unveil the units on Thursday.

The Centralia supercharger is located between the Totes Factory store and Dress Barn on Lum Road. It will be open 24 hours a day and feature 10 charging stalls.

Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) has 14 charging stations in the U.S. The chargers provide 120 kilowatts of power and can offer three hours worth of driving charges in about 20 minutes.

Patrick Jones, a Tesla spokesman, said the company plans to add superchargers in Oregon but has yet to officially announce the locations. The company offers eight superchargers in California, one in central Illinois and three along the eastern seaboard.



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