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Supercharging station opens in Darien

The new rest stop on Interstate 95 in Darien is the second in the tri-state area and 12th in the country to feature a Tesla Motor Supercharging station, allowing Model S drivers to charge for free.

“The Darien location was built to support the I-95 corridor,” said Alexis Georgeson, a Tesla Motors spokesman.

Other Supercharging locations along the route are in Milford, Conn., and Newark, Del.

In 20 to 30 minutes, a Tesla Model S with an 85 kwh battery driver can give the car half a charge. On a full charge, the Model S can travel 300 miles.

By summer 2015, Model S drivers will be able to travel across the country for free, charging their cars from one Supercharging station to the next, which is included as a standard option.

The plan, Georgeson said, is the build more stations along the I-95 corridor and support the East Coast more by building more charging stations down to Florida.

Each charging station, which includes multiple bays, costs $150,000 to construct, according to Georgeson.

“It’s a great relationship we have with the rest stops owners,” Georgeson said. “It’s great for the business owners, and it’s great for the Model S users. They’re able to grab lunch or shop a little at the rest stops.”

The Darien plaza is the latest highway rest facility renovated as part of a $230 million investment by Project Service LLC to overhaul 23 on I-95, the Merritt Parkway and Interstate 395.

In 2010, Project Service, a partnership between Milford-based Doctor’s Associates, owner of the Subway sandwich chain, and the Carlyle Group, was awarded a 35-year contract to operate the state’s highway rest plazas.

Tesla Motors decided to place the supercharging stations along the most popular routes in the country, Georgeson said.


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