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Solar power cheaper than coal

Solar is increasingly becoming one of the cheapest energy sources, even compared to large conventional power plants. Bernhard Beck, chief executive of solar power plant builder Belectric, sees a large market for growth.

Deutsche Welle: You build large solar energy plants worldwide. How much does the energy from a solar park cost today?

Berhnard Beck: In Germany, solar power can now be generated for 10 euro cents per kilowatt-hour. That is a very good price. With that, we are approaching the costs of generation from new conventional power stations.

How much does solar power cost in countries that receive a lot of sunshine?
Bernhard Beck, CEO of BELECTRIC. (Photo: Gero Rueter) Beck emphasizes the affordability of solar power

With more sunshine, there is generally more production and the kilowatt-hour costs less. But often, the operating expenses also increase: the modules must be cleaned and the solar parks incorporated into weak electrical networks. But the trend in sun-rich regions is that power is produced for less than 10 euro cents per kilowatt-hour.

What does that mean?

Generally you could assume that solar power plants in sun-rich countries produce electricity cheaper than wind, coal and gas power plants. Electricity from large solar power plants are becoming competitive with electricity produced using conventional methods.

How is the market for large solar power stations developing?
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