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Singapore gets e-car fast-charger facility | ZDNet

Summary: Run by Bosch Software, which has a network of over 50 charging stations in the country, the fast-charger facility can power up e-vehicles within 30 minutes instead of the usual six hours.

By Ellyne Phneah | July 11, 2013 — 09:39 GMT (02:39 PDT)

Located at Changi City Point, the fast-charger facility can power up e-vehicles in 30 minutes.
SINGAPORE–Bosch Software has availed a fast-charger facility for electric vehicles in a local shopping mall, enabling these cars to be powered up in mere minutes instead of hours.

According to the company’s press statement released Thursday, the facility is located at Changi City Point shopping mall and is integrated into its current network of over 50 charging stations in the city-state. Bosch is the appointed e-vehicle charging service provider for Singapore’s e-vehicle testbed initiative, which looks at infrastructure requirements and business models for this market segment.

At the new fast-charger facility, participants of the testbed can power up their vehicles within 30 minutes instead of six hours at a standard charging station. Bosch offers a map, accessed via a mobile app, which shows the locations of charging stations in the country and displays its availability in real-time.



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