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San Francisco needs to create more sustainable modes of transit

The future of transportation choices in San Francisco needs to begin today with infrastructure and planning decisions, and The City is on the right track in many ways toward implementing more sustainable modes of getting around.

The most recent acknowledgment of this is the push to increase the amount of bicycle parking inside and outside of new residential buildings and those that undergo major renovations. Under the new rules, The City would require many new developments to have one bike parking space for each unit, an increase from the current requirement of one spot for every two units.

A city planner said during a recent hearing about the legislation that the lack of bike parking discourages cycling. Certainly few people want to ride their bikes to an area where there is no secure place to park.

And while the idea of increasing bike parking is a positive step toward equalizing modes of transit in The City, more needs to be done to keep the momentum moving toward sustainability.

City streets, especially in the downtown core, are overwhelmingly geared toward cars. On Market Street and other transit-heavy corridors, single-passenger automobiles even blatantly use transit-only lanes, slowing Muni buses and trains that are carrying loads of people. Looking at the majority of streets in San Francisco, it becomes clear: They were built for cars and everything else mostly just tries to fit in.


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