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Plug in downtown: Mesa offers electric-vehicle charging stations

The city of Mesa has four frequently visited locations in the downtown area that offer charging stations for electric vehicles. Pictured above is the city’s Pepper parking lot. (Photo by the city of Mesa)

By Pilar Arias
Independent Newsmedia Inc. USA
Updated July 26, 2013

Need some juice? The city of Mesa has you covered at four frequently visited locations downtown to charge your electric vehicle.

Anthony Cadorin has been a part of the project that brought the EV charging stations to Mesa since the beginning. He is an energy resources coordinator with the city.

“We were approached by ECOtality, Inc. … there was an offer put forth to offer the charging stations for no cost to the city,” Mr. Cadorin explained in a phone interview July 24.

The locations in downtown Mesa include: Mesa Main Library, 64 E. First St.; Mesa Arts Center, 1 E. Main St.; Mesa Convention Center, 263 N. Center and the city parking lot at 125 W. Pepper Place. They are level two pedestal charging stations part of the Blink network that ECOtality offers, according to a press release by Kimberly Nelson in the energy resources department.

Stations have been in Mesa since 2012. They were a part of the national EV project, a $230 million public-private partnership to install EV charging infrastructure in test markets throughout the county, Ms. Nelson said.

Now drivers of hybrid and fully electric cars in Mesa are being reminded that they’re not only available for use but affordable. Each station can recharge a fully depleted electric battery in four to six hours. Costs range between $1 and $2 per hour, according to the release.


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