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Plug In America declares 100,000th sold in US an i-MiEV in Alabama – AutoblogGreen

In a booming auto market, where the US is on track to sell upwards of 15 million new cars this year, moving 100,000 over two-and-a-half years sure sounds like the proverbial drop in the bucket. But, when all of those 100,000 cars come with a plug, something that hasn’t been commonly seen in a hundred years, then it’s worth celebrating. And that’s just whatPlug In America is doing.

“It will be a historic charge station” – Rich Salmon

PIA said today that, according to its estimates, a Mitsubishi i bought in Alabama was “approximately” the100,000th plug-in vehicle sold in the USsince the re-introduction of the technology in late 2010 when the Chevy Volt andNissan Leaf came on the scene. The buyer was Rich Salmon of Grand Bay, AL, who was not only named the 100,000th new owner but also won himself aClipperCreek Level 2 charging station (oh-so-proudly made in the US) plus $300 to use for its installation. In a statement, Salmon said he took the i-MiEV for a test drive and “It was a loaded model and I liked it, so I bought it.” Later, while searching for a level-two charger, “I ran across Plug In America’s contest and decided to enter. I had ordered a ClipperCreek LCS-25 because it seemed to be one of the most recommended chargers, but I never figured I would win one. Now, it will be a historic charge station.”

PIA ran the contest in May and June of this year and the group’s running calculator figures that over 114,000 new, highway-capable plug-in vehicles have been sold in the US. For more details, you can read our monthly green car sales write-up for June, where you’ll see that the Volt, Leaf and Tesla Model S lead the pack in EV sales.


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