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Park your electric car range anxieties – tech trends – Telegraph

Worried about running out of juice on the road? A new generation of electric cars can match the range of the average vehicle and won’t need charging before you reach your destination, says Tim Gibson.

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Range anxiety. With the growing importance of electric cars in an urban-centric, eco-friendly age, these words have become unlikely bedfellows. They signify a condition common to drivers who shun the internal combustion engine in favour of greener transport.

Electric cars: keeping the charge in check
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BMW i3 Concept Coupé: edgy, energetic and engaging
This is the apparent price paid for preserving the planet: a concern that your electric vehicle will run out of juice before you reach your destination.

As it happens, there’s little for the majority of drivers to be anxious about. The average car in the UK covers just 25 miles a day – a distance that is perfectly within the reach of an all-electric vehicle such as the BMW i3 Concept Coupé.



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