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One Year With My Chevy Volt | CleanTechnicaCleanTechnica

Let me tell you about my Chevy Volt, now that I’ve been driving it for one year.

I remember back in 2011 when the Volt was first announced. I admired the boldness of GM to bring out a range-extended plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) in the midst of such economic uncertainty. In accord with the automotive reviews at the time, I thought the Volt was too expensive.

My previous automotive experience has been with Audi. I’ve had five different Audi’s over the last fifteen years. Before that, I drove Oldsmobile. One of the reasons I got a Volt last year is that the Chevy dealer offered me so much more for my trade-in than other dealers, I thought I’d better sign a deal before they changed their mind. The Volt was the only car on the lot that intrigued me. It turns out they have very affordable three-year lease plans that have improved considerably in the last year. I recommend a two-year lease because if you upgrade, I’m sure the 2016 Volt will be much improved in terms of electric cruising range and performance. I like to think of my Volt as the Model-T of electric cars.

Not having driven an American car in nearly 15 years, I took a test drive and was immediately impressed. The very knowledgeable and patient sales person taught me how to drive it and understand all the dashboard displays that are slightly different from a gas powered vehicle.



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