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North East England Becoming UK Electric Car Hub with 1,150 Charge Points

The northeast of England now has the highest number of EVs per head in the UK, spurred on by the deployment of 737 standard charge points, 401 domestic charge points and 12 quick chargers.

As the UK looks to electric vehicles (EVs) as a way of reducing the emission of harmful gasses, the North East has led the way in developing an infrastructure to support the widespread uptake of the technology. Set up in 2010 as one of the first Plugged in Places programmes funded by the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV), the Charge Your Car project has developed an integrated charging network for the region. Having addressed consumers’ EV concerns by providing more charge points than anywhere outside London, the North East now has the highest number of EVs per head in the UK.

“In 2010, very few people were thinking about EVs in the North East, and now we have 1150 charge points in the area, including a corridor of quick-charge points to take drivers from Scotland to Yorkshire,” says Josey Wardle, Zero Carbon Futures infrastructure manager. “The North East has reduced EV range anxiety through research and implementing an infrastructure to support the technology in becoming the future of transportation. As Plugged in Places draws to a close, our next aim is to demonstrate what we have achieved by transferring this expertise to other regions to help make the UK fully connected.”


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