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Nissan’s plan to get the East to embrace the Leaf

The West Coast has always been a sweet spot for sales of the Nissan Leaf, one of the first EVs on the U.S. market — and now that comfort is spreading east.

Nissan Motor Co. says the Leaf has been gaining traction in recent months in Missouri — St. Louis specifically — Virginia, Georgia and Washington, D.C.

Georgia, in particular, is laying out the red carpet.

The state’s aggressive push to create a positive “EV lifestyle equation” is paying dividends in Atlanta, says Brendan Jones, director of electric vehicle infrastructure strategy for Nissan North America.

Jones says several deal sweeteners for prospective Leaf buyers are creating a favorable sales atmosphere in the state.

For instance, Georgia has a tax credit worth up to $5,000 for zero-emissions vehicles (the 2012 Leaf base model has a sticker price of $29,650, including shipping). The state also waives tolls for Leaf drivers in high occupancy vehicle lanes and some high occupancy lanes, Jones said during a conference call last week hosted by the Electric Drive Transportation Association.

Nissan is obviously excited about the Leaf’s improving prospects east of the Mississippi River, but selling vehicles is only one step. Now it has to build loyalty by making the driving lives of Leaf owners as convenient as possible.

Nissan has sold 9,839 Leafs so far this year — a 213 percent increase over the first half of 2012 — and total U.S. sales since it went on the market in 2010 are now approaching 30,000. With this momentum, the automaker is looking to maintain the EV’s momentum by bolstering public charging



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