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Nissan-Renault charges to electric car milestone

(Relaxnews) – The company has sold its 100,000th electric vehicle, making it the world’s number one zero-emissions vehicle maker.

In response to passing the landmark, Renault-Nissan Alliance Chairman and CEO Carlos Ghosn said that the achievement signalled that the age of the mainstream electric car had finally arrived: “We expect demand to keep growing as the charging infrastructure develops — and we remain 100% committed to zero-emission technology for the long term.”

In reaching 100,000 vehicle sales, the company has now sold more plug-in electric cars than all other car companies combined, the most popular of which, the Nissan Leaf has already overtaken the 71,000 sales mark alone since its launch in 2010.

And while the achievement should be celebrated as a step closer to greater environmental responsibility and awareness among the global car-driving public, plug-in electric vehicles, which need to be connected to a power source and recharged every time the battery is depleted, still have a long way to travel if they are to truly offer an alternative to traditional gasoline-powered and hybrid gasoline/battery powered cars that combine the zero-emissions benefits of a battery with the reliability and extended range of a gas or diesel-powered complementary engine.

The biggest obstacle to real mainstream acceptance is range. The latest 2013 iteration of the Nissan Leaf is only capable of 75 miles or 121 km (according to US Environmental Protection Agency official range figures), before it needs to be plugged in again, and depending on the type of power point to which it is connected, recharging can take up to eight hours.


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