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Nissan LEAF claims to beat congestion charges in more ways than one |

It’s no surprise that with London tightening exemptions to its congestion charges as of yesterday (see article), manufacturers of vehicles that still qualify to be charge free have been quick to highlight the credentials of their cars.
However, Nissan has gone one step further: by suggesting its LEAF electric vehicle (pictured) can beat the congestion charge in more ways than one.
As it is a battery powered electric car, the Nissan LEAF remains unaffected by the London Congestion Charge. Indeed its drivers can jet around the city for just ?10 per year rather than ?10 per day. The vehicle also qualifies for the Ultra Low-Emission Discount.

However, where the world’s best-selling electric car attempts to separate itself from the pack is by highlighting the cost of the vehicle.
You can actually pick up a Nissan LEAF from just ?189 a month: that’s less than the cost of four week’s congestion charge payments for some vehicles.
In addition, it costs just two pence per mile to run the Nissan LEAF: with drivers able to cover up to 500miles for the cost of a single congestion charge payment.
According to Jon Pollock, Nissan UK sales director, drivers needn’t be concerned about charging the electric LEAF in London either: as the capital now boasts more than 1,300 on-street charging points.


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