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Nissan, Honda Field Testing Micro Electric Cars In Japan

The development and testing of small scale electric vehicles for use in varied settings seems to be in full swing in Japan at the moment, courtesy of automakers Honda and Nissan. Both are engaged in projects which reflect how electric cars can made use of in situations where larger vehicles might not be as practical or cost effective.

Honda, working with the City of Saitama in Saitama Prefecture, plans to kick off this fall field testing of of the Micro Commuter Prototype β, its micro-sized EV model that was last seen by us this past November. Plans, said the auto company, call for studying

usage patterns and needs of micro-sized mobility products as part of a social system, to solve the various transportation-related issues, especially in urban areas. The testing project will particularly study the potential of a micro-sized EV in various uses including assisting the short-distance daily transportation of senior citizens and car-sharing for commuting and commercial purposes. In addition, the value of a micro-sized EV for child-raising families will also be studied.

What’s being observed through this trial falls in line with a related low carbon study project, known as E-KIZUNA, which includes demonstration testing of a Honda Smart Home System (HSHS). Those involved will consider the value of a micro-sized EV as a household battery.


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