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Morton Grove might pursue car charging stations

Doug Steinman thinks installing electric car chargers in Morton Grove will stimulate business and residential growth.

As a member of the village’s finance committee, Steinman is challenged with brainstorming and researching ideas for the trustees to consider. The committee approved his idea during its June meeting and the groundwork for a proposal has begun.

Steinman suggested putting charging stations on public land near commonly-used parking lots along Dempster Street, a project he said could be easy since several intersections will soon be reworked and the ground would already be torn up.

“I’m sure our local restaurants would get new business if people who own electric cars knew they could be charge them while eating and socializing,” Steinman said.

Another component would involve working with office and industrial property owners to get a few charging stations in those areas.

“Companies on the move might consider leasing or buying land in Morton Grove if they have electric cars in their fleet or if they have a lot of employees who drive electric cars,” Steinman said. “We might get new residents, too, if they were able to hook their cars up somewhere and walk home or exercise at the park.”

The group agreed that charging stations could turn into a branding project for the village.

“I know Evanston has some charging stations, but we could be one of the first to really delve into this,” Steinman said.


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