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More Chrysler Electric Cars Coming, Lots Of Catching Up Needed

Now that Chrysler-Fiat reluctantly has the surprising good 2013 Fiat 500e–its first electric car–on the market, what’s next for the smallest of the Detroit Three?

There will be more plug-in vehicles, according to an interview in the Detroit Free Press with Mike Duhaime, the company’s global director for electrified propulsion and engineering.

Chrysler remains deep within the process of recovering from its 2009 bankruptcy and subsequent takeover by Italy’s Fiat.

Its first car on a platform shared with Fiat, the 2012 Dodge Dart compact sedan, hasn’t been the runaway success the company hoped, but it seems to be gathering momentum.

Its second such car, the 2014 Jeep Cherokee, will arrive at dealers this fall to replace the discontinued Jeep Liberty model.

And following that will come mid-size sedan replacements for the Chrysler 200 (nee Sebring) and Dodge Avenger.

‘BEVs in our future’

In other words, Chrysler has to relearn how to make passenger cars again before it can worry about niceties like hybrids and plug-in electric cars.

But, Duhaime says, they are coming: “There are battery electric vehicles in our future,” he told the Free Press.


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