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London businesses trial LEAF for Low Carbon London scheme

Twenty five companies have leased a Nissan LEAF for up to two years as part of an EV trial scheme aimed at outlining how much they can save by running an electric vehicle on their fleet.

Participating firms, all inside the M25, have received a free charging unit as part of the Low Carbon London EV lease scheme. Another 25 families have also taken part in the trial.

Two business owners collect their LEAF from Nissan’s Maple Cross offices

Low Carbon London is a £28.3 million programme intended to help develop smart electricity networks in Britain.

Its interim programme director Michael Clark said: “We will be monitoring the drivers’ charging behaviour and using that to model the type of electricity network that will be needed to support larger numbers of electric vehicles.

“The aim of the project is to ensure the electricity network supports the transition to low carbon transport.”
Vital info

“This project will provide vital information on running an electric vehicle and the resulting impact it has on both electricity distributors and us, as manufacturers,” added Barry Beeston, Nissan’s Corporate Sales Director.

“The Nissan LEAF is the ideal choice for this trial as it will turn all 50 drivers into strong advocates of electric vehicles, especially around large urban areas such as London.”


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