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Land Rover Defender Electric Review

The concept of an electric off-roader might conjure images of a 4WD that’s all hat and no cattle, but the Land Rover Defender Electric is a surprisingly capable all-terrain vehicle.

While most EVs (electric vehicles) are built with emissions reduction in mind, the Land Rover Electric Defender was created on a very different remit, when a South African game park commissioned Land Rover to build a quiet vehicle for game watching.

That first-generation vehicle could hit 64km/h in forward or reverse (handy, if you’re being charged by an angry bull elephant), but more importantly it could approach park animals without disturbing them.

Land Rover Unveils New Electric Defender Research Vehicle At Geneva Motor Show

It was a relatively simple build that Land Rover wanted to embellish – and so what we get in the latest 110-wheelbase Electric Defenders is something considerably more sophisticated.

There’s a 300v, 27kWh lithium-ion battery pack sitting where the diesel engine would usually be, with the 70kW electric motor positioned under the front seats where the gearbox would usually go.

The power plant can deliver an impressive 330Nm of torque (the current 2.2-litre diesel has 360Nm) with a top speed limited to 113km/h.


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