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JuiceBox, a DIY electric-car charger, gets boost from Kickstarter

EMW’s JuiceBox is advertised as a speedier and cheaper home solution for drivers of the Nissan Leaf and other popular electric cars. (Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times / August 20, 2011)

JuiceBox, a do-it-yourself kit to build an electric-car charger, may be well on its way to garages thanks to the crowd-funding site Kickstarter.

Electric Motor Werks, a company based in Palo Alto that specializes in electric-car conversions, launched its Kickstarter page in June for the home-charging station the company says could provide a faster charge for a range of top-selling electric cars.

Supporters could pledge $109 to get a base kit, which included most of the parts needed to turn a 120-volt outlet into a 240-volt station. These kits didn’t include the input cables drivers would need to buy from EMW’s site and insert on their own. The cables cost an additional $150 to $200.

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The Kickstarter page cites an estimated one to two hours to assemble base edition kits, and three to four hours for the $199 premium kits, which include LCD interfaces.

For a $329 pledge, supporters could opt to have a fully assembled JuiceBox delivered to them in August, as long as they also purchased input and output cables from EMW before the boxes ship. All told, the JuiceBoxes would still undercut some of the other popular charging options on the market, which can range from $450 to $600.


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