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Imagining the perfect electric sports car

In my last column, I talked about how and why I chose the Jaguar F-Type over the Tesla S. I was kind of surprised how upset a couple Tesla fans got. In my head, I thought was giving the Tesla S a compliment for putting a large sedan in the same company as a lot of thoroughbred sports cars – and above many of them. Ultimately, I believe that electric is the eventual, and better, future. But right now, there’s just not an electric sports car that does what it needs to.

This got me thinking about what the perfect electric sports car would look like. Tesla has one on the books, and numerous other companies (including Jaguar) have been hinting that they have them on the way. Let’s take a look at what they’ll need to succeed.

Ron-RXXAn electric needs a low center of gravity. Tesla did a good job working around this in the Model S, giving it an almost F-1 look. Take it a step further and you get something like the Ron RXX – a car designed in Mexico of all places. The semi-open-wheel design could let you hit the optimum lines while on the track, and you could even remove the fenders to help. I’m not sure I’d go to a tandem design like the RXX (that may be a bit too far over the top for most drivers), but if you widened the body of the car it’d still be very low, providing a great view of the track. You’d just have to get creative with the convertible top. You have to admit, the RXX is both attractive and just a bit mean looking, which would fit the requirement


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