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Ikea to Help Electric Car Owners Plug In

The charging stations, which are similar to gas pumps, are open to anyone.
Posted by Theresa Katalinas (Editor) , July 26, 2013 at 05:14 PM

Written by Mischa Arnosky

Felling the urge to take a trip but worried that your Volt/Leaf/Tesla might run out of “Vitamin E?” Ikea’s got you covered.

Ikea, extending its partnership with ECOtality, a company that specializes in electric transportation and storage technologies, will be installing two “Blink” electric vehicle charging stations at its Conshohocken store.
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Spokesman Joseph Roth said Ikea started installing electric vehicle charging stations at nine of its western stores about two years ago, and is now in the process of expanding the program, bringing the charging stations to seven more stores — including the Ikeas in Conshohocken and Philadelphia.

“Basically, as part of its partnership with ECOtality, certain metropolitan areas were deemed as ideal for the electric vehicle charging stations,” Roth said.

How do the charging stations work?

Roth said they’re similar to gas pumps in that an electric vehicle owner can plug his or her vehicle into the pump, swipe a credit card and fill up on some, uh … kilowatt hours.

The “pumps” are black with a white circle design that mimics that of the power on/off button on (smaller) electronic devices. Each station has a black cord with a universal connector and each has a designated parking space, with the letters “EV” painted in the middle.


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