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How We Became An All-Plug-In Electric Car Household

How We Became An All-Plug-In Electric Car Household

By Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield
1,270 views Jul 30, 2013
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Why we switched to a two-car plug-in household.

Why we switched to a two-car plug-in household.

Since November 2006, our family has always owned at least one plug-in car and one powered by gasoline.

For almost two years, our fleet has been a Nissan Leaf electric hatchback, and a used 2008 Toyota Prius.

After two years and nearly 42,000 miles of driving the Leaf, however, our once high-tech Prius had begun to feel like little more than a gas-guzzler.

It also became the subject of a good-natured daily fight over who would would have to drive it, versus who would get to enjoy the comfort and performance of the all-electric Leaf.

With a few high repair bills looming on the horizon for our little gas-guzzler, we did the only logical thing we could: We traded it in for a Chevrolet Volt.

But if we hate buying gasoline and love electric cars so much, why go for the range-extended Volt over a pure battery electric car? I’ll explain.

Daily driving

For the most part, my personal transportation needs are fairly simple: I need a car that can handle daily errands.


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