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How to Charge the Toyota Prius Plug-In [Video]

Although the Toyota Prius Plug-in has a 500 miles range on a tankfull, that refuel light won’t cause you too much unsettlement if you are not near a petrol station.

Because it can use the remaining fuel more economically in hybrid mode or even stop using it at all in pure EV mode, this is one great eco car. You won’t even need to refuel it if you have to drive on small distances in the city and find plenty recharging stations. Recharging can be done in about an hour from a standard 230 V power outlet. Here are some steps to do it properly:

Use a dedicated circuit for recharging the Prius so you will avoid overloading
Try searching on the Internet on charging points in your area as there are specialized websites which maps them
The charging cable is in the trunk, under the fake floor towards the end of the boot
Plug the cable to the outlet first and then plug it in the car’s socket
Remember that the cable tip that connects to the ca has a protective cap, so remove it first
If the small light next to the plug doesn’t light up, you may have a problem with the circuit, or you haven’t connected the cable properly
You can check the dashboard for more information on the charging process, such as time remaining and how much power got in the battery pack.



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