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Here’s future of next gen batteries

Washington: Researchers have proposed that new batteries that store energies in air, water or a combination of both could replace the traditional lithium-ion batteries.

Christopher Johnson, a chemist at the Argonne National Laboratory’s research facility outside of Chicago, said that very light-weight batteries with designs like never seen before could dominate the industries in future.

Jeffrey Chamberlain, the deputy director of development and demonstration for the Joint Center for Energy Storage Research, based at Argonne, said that exploring liquid-based batteries is going to open the doors to engineering an entirely new battery device, which is uninhibited by the manufacturing limitations – and costs – presented by solid-state batteries.

Johnson said that people will be able to store the charge in a liquid that they could pump through the battery and then once it is pumped through, they could recharge it by pumping it in the opposite direction, CBS News reported.


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