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Green Building Workshop – Solar & the Electric Car: Infrastructure & Install – Wed, Jul 24, 2013 5:30 PM at Stevens Creek Nissan and sponsored by Build It Green. A calendar event

Topic: Electric Vehicles

Learn how Electric Vehicles (EV’s) and solar power save money and the environment with Nissan and Allterra Solar, two innovative companies on the cutting edge of renewable energy technology for consumer/commercial transportation and homes. Presenters will discuss the financial, environmental, aesthetic, and social benefits oftransitioning to EVs and solar power, providing you with ideas, selling points, technical information and financial programs/incentives to help you and/or your clients make informed decisions.

Topics covered include:

Solar and EV station installation and technical requirementsfor the home
Rebates, Tax Incentives, and special utility rates for EV owners
Why it makes sense to have solar when owning an EV
Commercial opportunities and uses for EV’s
Permitting for EV’s in South Bay Jurisdictions
How Nissan is working to further EV technology
A walkthrough of the Nissan LEAF Electric Car’s features
How the Nissan dealership changed to accommodate LEAF infrastructure requirements
The kWh needed to charge various EV models and money saved on fuel
At the end of the presentation we will have the opportunity to test drive the Nissan LEAF!

Certified Green Building Professional CEU Value: 1.5 credits

5:30-5:40 Sign In, Food
5:40-6:50 Topic Presentations
6:50-7:30 Q & A, Nissan LEAF Test Drives

Registration: Pre-registration on our website is encouraged and incentivized and is available until 2:30pm on Wednesday, July 17th.When preregistering online, folks may pay by credit card. We accept credit card payments at the door as well.

Pre-Registration Prices:
$10 /Members
$15 /Non-Members

Door Price (Not Pre-Registered):
$15 /Members and Non-Members



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