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GM enabling solar powered electric car charging with smart grid API’s in Volt

GM and TimberRock are developing support for an integrated solar power system, with grid energy storage and electric car charging, enabling smart grid goodness.

Electric cars are often pictured in front of wind turbines or solar panels, because we want clean fuel for our clean cars. GM’s OnStar division just announced a partnership with TimberRock that could make this more of a reality, directly tying solar panels, grid energy storage systems, and electric car charging.

It is a fact that most electricity comes from burning fossil fuels, and it therefore leaves the electric car open to the “coal powered car” moniker some like to toss around. But if you can clearly tie a renewable clean energy source, like solar power, directly to charging an electric car, it will be absolutely clear the fuel for that car will be 100% clean. In addition there’s the opportunity to earn revenue by selling any excess solar power to the grid, or performing smart grid services with a co-located grid energy storage system.


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