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Thanks for starting this thread Rudy and to Arthur for passing on the link. Only 31k signatures out of 100k as of this writing needed.

I see tesla’s move to sell directly to consumer as a brilliant one. At least to start while electric cars are still a minority. I’ve walked into a Nissan leaf dealership and felt I knew more about the leaf than the sales person.

— no haggling with high pressured salesmen when buying a car.
— sales staff are extremely knowledgeable and can provide the best education and service to potential buyers.
— higher margins for the company: maybe this turns into more scrutiny on quality of each individual car?
— this one is personal but i love visiting the Tesla stores and getting their gear!
— No dealership gauging on service. I’ve had the experience of being treated like a king while buying a car from the sales department and when I needed service, being treated like an unimportant low life when that same car needed service and paying a premium for it.

— harder to find a “deal”, but once it becomes more main stream, used cars will become more available direct through online exchanges like craiglist or something similar.


I like the idea of letting the people who manage Tesla Motors do what they want because Elon Musk and those who make decisions there have done and outstanding job, and that alone is why I support this.

What about examining the pluses and minuses of this?

I am not the brightest person around and have made a lot of dumb decisions so what I wanted Tesla Motors to do when I first through about this may not be best because I don’t understand everything involved. Within my limited brain, I had hopped that Tesla Motors would use existing Dealerships because I know that they are established. Instead of setting up a new network Tesla locations , the task is largely to train the people and equip those working at existing Dealerships. Also, I like the idea of spreading Tesla’s success around and making a better success out those already involved in the automotive business. I even wrote to Tesla Motors suggesting this.

One argument against this is that unique Tesla locations around the world would still involve training people and new jobs. Also, electric vehicles are likely to be embraced better by people working directly for Tesla than using people people who are involved with petroleum and electric vehicles at the same time. As an example, what if a sales person can make a bigger profit selling a huge gas hog Hummer than a Tesla vehicle. Maybe the guy will be working on the biggest profit and not even tune into the advantages of a Tesla.

What are the other pluses and minuses?

Rudy Stefenel



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