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Ford cuts $4,000 from Focus electric price

Ford Motor is slicing $4,000 from the base price of its Focus electric car, beginning with 2014 models that arrive at dealers within a few weeks.

That cuts the Focus EV’s base price to $35,995 including shipping.

Some buyers qualify for a $7,500 credit on federal income taxes, and states often have their own incentives for buying battery cars.

Ford says it hasn’t taken away any features as part of the cut. The automaker describes the lower-price 2014 Focus electric as “fully contented,” and says the cut was important to keep the car competitive.

Main electrified rivals have cut prices, and it’s apparently not a sign that healthy competition is doing what it’s supposed to — making things cheaper for buyers.

It’s closer to a “nobody wants ’em” scenario, analysts say.

“Market competition is not the force that is driving down prices. Rather it is simply the automakers responding to true market demand,” says Eric Lyman, vice president at auto research site’s ALG unit.


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