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For First Time Ever, Combined Japan and US Nissan LEAF Sales Exceed 3,000 Units in Single Month

With more than 100,000 electric cars on U.S. roads–and thousands more addedeach month–advocates and historians are turning their attention to the last time cars with plugs rolled out of U.S. factories, almost 100 years ago.

But as far as we know, there’s no single museum or entity in the U.S. whose sole mission is to present the history of plug-in electric cars.

That may be about to change, if a post in electric-vehicle forum Electrifying Timesby collector and historian Roderick Wilde is any indication.

In late May, Wilde wrote:

In January I founded a nonprofit corporation, titled the Historic Electric Vehicle Foundation, with the sole purpose of building the world’s first International Electric Vehicle Museum. It will most likely to be located here in the Northwest.

Over a period of eight months, I gathered together a group of very talented individuals for the Board of Directors and we will soon have our [Federal] 501(c)3 [certification].



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