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Five Reasons Why the BMW i3 Should Be Sold at MINI

In five short days, BMW will officially launch its i3 electric car at three simultaneous events in London, Beijing and New York. The first BMW electric car to be sold or leased—the previous BMW electric test platforms were only leased—the i3 will feature a powerful 125 kilowatt electric motor, a 7-second sprint from zero to 60 miles per hour, BMW luxury, and seating for fou
The BMW i3 is the first of the company’s i-branded electric cars to go on sale, the first in a whole lineup of plug-in cars which will form the i sub-brand. But will the subcompact i3 city car be out of place in a BMW showroom? Should it be sold instead at MINI dealerships?

Here are five reasons why the i3 should be a MINI:
1The BMW i3 Is spiritually a MINI at heart.

It might be built with the rear-wheel drivetrain that’s been a feature of BMW cars for longer than we can remember, but the BMW i3 is physically and spiritually closer to the MINI than any of BMW’s past or current cars.


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