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Exclusive: Despite No 2013 Edition, The Mitsubishi i-MiEV To Live On In US Future Model Years

Over the past year it has been hard to notice the dwindling supply of new Mitusbishi i-MiEVs available for sale in the US.
Mitsubishi Chief Osamu Masuko And The i-MiEV

Mitsubishi Chief Osamu Masuko And The i-MiEV

It has also been hard to ignore that the remaining i-MiEVs currently on sale are all 2012s, and that Mitsubishi had been heavily discounting them as it becomes harder to move a “year old” product…especially with customers seeing other 2014 models of other vehicles entering the market.

With no 2013 model year at all arriving in US showrooms to date, and heavy discounting that has cleared-out all but around 100 cars, we thought it was likely that America had seen the last of the tiny Japanese car. That it was just slowly fading out. Still we had to know for sure.

To that end, we talked to Mitsu executives/representatives from both the US and Canada(where the 2013 model year i-MiEV is actually currently available) – and they surprised us.

The i-MiEV is not going extinct we were emphatically told, it was just taking a little breather of undisclosed length!

“The i-MiEV is NOT discontinued in the US. We are indeed still working on a future model for the US market, however the release date of this vehicle has not yet been confirmed.” – Sophia Ko, account executive for Mitsu

Still, that language felt a little obtuse to us, so we ‘double-asked’ the question (yes…that could be a real thing):

Just to clarify are you saying the existing version of the i-MiEV has now been allocated out to the US and the next I-MiEV coming will be the new/next gen model? Or are you saying that the current model (as we see it now) will be restocked while we wait on the new/next generation model?

Nutshell – will be see any more model years/inventory of the current gen that has already been sold in the US? Or will the next i-MiEV we see but an updated/redesigned one.


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