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EV Review: A Game-Changing Electric Small Car : Greentech Media

The Chevrolet Spark EV appears to be a game-changer in the all-electric small car market.

At least that might be the case if you’re living in Oregon or California, the only states that Chevrolet will be selling the Spark EV in for now. No mention of any expansion has been made, and we probably shouldn’t expect a decision to be made anytime soon.

For one, there still aren’t a lot of these models around and it can be argued that sales of the Spark EV will be on a limited basis. If the model proves to be a hit, like Chevrolet is banking on, then we might see more states get their hands on the all-electric Spark.

For now, it’s Oregon and California, two states that look to be perfect markets for the Spark EV. One of these places is a blessing to drive, with gorgeous scenic routes everywhere you look, while the other is — well, let’s just say if you want to make the most out of an EV, California’s the place to be.

As far as the car itself, we love the overall makeup of the Spark EV, so much so that we’d be very surprised if this model isn’t a success sooner rather than later.


The exterior of the Spark EV does not look drastically different from the standard Spark model. There are a number of aerodynamic modifications that have been made to the Spark EV that people may not even notice.

For one, full-length underbody panels were installed to help reduce drag and improve handling abilities. The grille, which normally serves as much a cosmetic requirement as aerodynamic purposes, comes with an automatic shutter system that helps to reduce drag and guide airflow around the vehicle.

And since the Spark EV is an electric car, it was important for Chevrolet to have enough space for the battery pack without compromising the cargo space, so it packaged the whole setup under the car, saving that valuable space while keeping the car’s looks intact.

One of the most surprising details about the Spark EV is the hidden rear door handles on the C-Pillar. This not only accomplishes the feat of making the car look more streamlined, but there’s also that added element of welcome surprise when you find it and say, “Hey! It’s a five-door!”



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