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Europe: 2011 Nissan LEAF Still Going Strong, After 41,000 Miles

At the end of March 2011, I took ownership of a European-spec Nissan LEAF. Roughly equivalent to an equivalent age Nissan LEAF SV, it has provided my family with mostly carefree motoring for the past 27 months. Last Saturday, it rolled over 40,000 miles and yesterday, it rolled over 41,000 after a trip across the U.K.

But how is my LEAF faring after hitting the 41,000 mile milestone? Has it survived life as a family car, and is its battery pack still healthy after countless quick charges?
Battery Pack

Two years ago, many EV skeptics told us that electric cars like the LEAF would need entire replacement battery packs after just a few years. Even at 41,000 miles however, my LEAF doesn’t show any major signs of battery capacity loss or reduced performance.

That’s partly because the way I drive the car has changed. Two years ago, 80 mile cross-country trips on winding roads at 40 or 50 mph were the norm as I fought to get my car from one charging station to the next. Now with many freeway rest stops equipped with CHAdeMO quick chargers, I drive at normal freeway speeds, and recharge every 50 miles or so.

The car still delivers somewhere in the region of 70 to 80 miles per charge, provided I’m careful. On Monday, I even managed a 56 mile cross-country trip on half a charge because, running late, I couldn’t get any more charge before leaving.


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