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Electric vehicle stops in Dunlap on way to record

Duane Leffel (left) is driving an electric car across the country, with a group of several others traveling on bicycles, a motorcycle, and a scooter. Joining Leffel on the journey are filmmakers (from left) John Becker, Evan Scott, and George Wymenga.

Members of a crew determined to set five Guinness world records and raise environmental awareness made their way through Dunlap on July 10. The Ride the Future Tour began in Charleston, South Carolina on July 4 and is expected to end in Mountain View, California in mid-August.

An electric car, motorcycle, and scooter plus a group of electric bicycles are being driven or ridden across the country, and the miles traveled would set a record for each vehicle.

Duane Leffel, Nissan executive from Nashville, is driving the electric Leaf and is accompanied by a film crew shooting a documentary on the tour. Leffel and his passengers stopped at a Dunlap restaurant between the scheduled tour stops in Chattanooga and McMinnville.

Filmmakers John Becker, Evan Scott and George Wymenga are recording events for the documentary. The film will “highlight the beauty of the southern America landscape, the big cities and small towns, the amazing people met, and the collective commitment to change for the better.”

Leffel explained he and the cyclists are avoiding the interstates which gives everyone involved the opportunity to enjoy the nation’s scenery. The groups can drift apart a bit, he added, but always get together at the scheduled locations.

From Dunlap, the tour continued on to McMinnville, and then to Nashville and Memphis.

Event founder Susan Jones originally began the project as “the longest journey on an electric scooter,” and from there the project expanded to include multiple vehicles. Jones is riding the electric scooter on the trip. In addition to the vehicle tour, Ride the Future is planning concerts and activities at many of the 43 stops around the country, raising awareness of electric vehicles at each venue.



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