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Electric Cars on a Roll, With Lots of Room for Growth

“We’re seeing tremendous demand for our product,” said Diarmuid O’Connell, vice president of business development at Tesla Motors. He was offering his expansive vision during a feel-good Electrification Coalition conference call Thursday that also included weigh-in from Nissan.
A Legislative Agenda

The Washington-based Electrification Coalition (EC), launched in 2009 with top corporate buy-in from 13 CEOs (including Nissan, NRG Energy and FedEx), made headlines when it offered a 2009 “Roadmap” that threw down a big goal—75 percent of U.S. road miles could be electric miles by 2040, provided its legislative goals were met. The group wants to see government spending concentrated in special deployment corridors, and improvements in incentives—including turning the federal income tax credit into a direct rebate at the point of purchase.

That hasn’t happened (although President Obama adapted many of the group’s recommendations for his budget proposals). Today’s Congress has lost the bipartisan consensus on EVs, but the coalition is still very optimistic about the emerging market. That’s spelled out in a new report.


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