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Electric cars off to good start, according to industry report

When I was on a family vacation to Colorado earlier this month, I saw a fire-engine red Tesla all-electric vehicle driving along a two-lane highway about 120 miles outside of Denver. That was the first Tesla I’d ever seen and it looked fine in the mountains.

A new report by an industry coalition whose members have a lot to gain by its success, concludes that all-electric cars are off to an even faster start than hybrid-electrics when they were introduced a decade ago, and that they have very good future:

There is plenty of good news in the PEV industry. There are currently 14 PEV models available from eight automotive manufacturers. Nine models are battery electric vehicles (BEVs) that run entirely on energy stored in the on-board battery. Five models are plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) that are capable of running on gasoline as well as using the battery. PEV sales, while not matching up with original sales targets laid out by some auto manufacturers, have been strong for a new entrant in a market that has been dominated by internal combustion engine vehicles (ICEs) for a century. Through their first 30 months in the marketplace (2011-2013), sales of PEVs have been more than double the sales of vehicles (HEVs) in their first years in the U.S. market and the sales continue to grow—June 2013 saw the strongest PEV sales numbers yet, and more than 110,000 units have been sold to date. In the luxury segment, Tesla’s Model S has captured 8.4 percent of the market in the first six months of 2013.

Among the report’s findings: Battery costs are expected to drop by about half by 2020 and short-range plug-in hybrid vehicles are cost competitive with conventional internal combustion vehicles. Also:

The Nissan LEAF has captured 3.3 percent of the sub-compact vehicle market.
In comparing satisfaction surveys between Plug in electric vehicles and their marketplace competitors, PEVs outperformed their internal combustion engine (ICE) and hybrid counterparts on almost all counts.



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