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Department of Transport completes transport mobility management strategy for Abu Dhabi Emirates

In line with its Surface Transport Master Plan (STMP), the Department of Transport (DoT) in Abu Dhabi announced that it has commenced work on various initiatives and programmes under the umbrella of ‘Transport Mobility Management’ (TMM) strategy, or ‘smarter Travel’, which aims to reduce the level of unsustainable travel in general and help amend transport times to avoid peak hour traffic, to get rid of congested routes, whilst promoting more sustainable transportation options.
The TMM strategy is planned to be implemented into two phases: the first which ended recently, encompassed workshops and travel plans for over 35 various Abu Dhabi-based entities to shed light on TMM and its core objectives whilst discussing daily transport options of employees and staffs of those entities and need to follow more sustainable methods.

Travel options for staff included, car sharing by two or more individuals, adopting flexible working policies, the provision of ‘park and ride’ service, encouraging companies’ transportation, implementation of sustainable transport measures in the Central Business District (CBD) of Abu Dhabi City as being the debut for this strategy and embarking on awareness campaign to drive interest towards more sustainable commuting methods.

The second phase, which will commence on quarter four of the year 2013 will include, in addition to most initiatives of first phase, various programmes such as company’ staff shuttle buses for ladies only, developing school transportation in cooperation with Abu Dhabi Education Council, implementation of TMM requirements for new urban developments in Abu Dhabi and hosting sustainable transport awards in the Emirate. Organising workshops on how to transport safely via bicycles.


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