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CONSOL Energy’s “Declaration of Energy Independence” showcases alternative fuel-powered vehicles

CONSOL Energy vice president of research and development Steve Winberg gets ready to charge the first electric vehicle at the company’s new charging station at their Southpointe headquarters, introduced as part of the company’s “Declaration of Energy Independence” celebration. It is one of 35 Level II electric vehicle charging stations installed by the Pittsburgh Region Clean Cities Coalition. (Photo: Bob Donaldson/Post-Gazette)

Just days before our nation celebrates the 237th anniversary of our freedom from the British, CONSOL Energy celebrated their own independence.

The aptly titled “Declaration of Energy Independence” was held at the coal and natural gas producer’s headquarters in Southpointe and included the unveiling of a new Level II 240 volt Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) charger for electric and hybrid vehicles, along with a number of alternative fuel-powered sedans and trucks from U.S. carmaker GMC.

The electric plugin vehicle charger was made by Ohio-based Eaton Corporation, which has divisions in Moon, Beaver and Pitcairn.

“The installation of the EV charging station underscores the important role that our region’s abundant natural resources – both the recently found unconventional natural gas potential and our vast supplies of coal – play in supporting American energy security and independence,” said Steve Winberg, vice president of research and development at CONSOL Energy. The station will be available for use at any time by all CONSOL Energy employees.

The energy giant also purchased a Chevrolet Volt, which was refueled by the new EVSE charger before the crowd during the event. Mr. Winberg later stated that the Volt will serve as the flagship electric vehicle in CONSOL’s corporate fleet.

CONSOL Energy, one of the region’s largest energy companies, has staked its claim in the plentiful resources of Pennsylvania’s shale natural gas. Though some see the recent shale oil and gas boom as a detrimental threat to our environment, others see it as a way to wean off of our reliance on oil from across the globe, including the volatile Middle East.

“Alternative fuel vehicles, including both electric and natural gas vehicles, offer this region and our country the opportunity to develop and utilize our abundant natural resources in an environmentally responsible manner while decreasing our dependence on foreign sources of energy,” said Mr. Winberg.


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