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CONSOL Energy unveils charging station – Pittsburgh Finance |

Yesterday CONSOL Energy Inc., hosted a “Declaration of Energy Independence” with representatives from Pittsburgh Region Clean Cities (PRCC) and General Motors to unveil an electric vehicle charging station in their company headquarters just south of Pittsburgh in Canonsburg, PA. The electric vehicle charging station is part of the Energy 376 Corridor project which is designed to create charging stations in the greater Pittsburgh area. Currently the project is projecting 45 units with 35 charging stations already installed. “The project was made possible by a Pittsburgh Region Clean Cities (PRCC) grant to the Alternative Fuels Incentive Grant Program (AFIGP) from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and a private investor.”

CONSOL Energy purchased a Chevrolet Volt which can drive without gas for an estimated 38 miles and can go up to 380 miles on a full tank of gas. Typically smaller cars hold 7-10 gallons and larger cars hold 10-15. Averaging 24.5 mpg (using the average determined by the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute UMTRI), an individual can get approximately between 171.5 and 367.5 miles per gallon using a range of 7-15. CONSOL converted two F-150 trucks in 2012 to use natural gas. The trucks can operate using either gasoline or natural gas.



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