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Congress threatening to end ATVM loan program that funded Leaf, Model S, and other successes

A Bush-era program giving federal loans to support “advanced technology vehicle manufacturing” is under threat from Congress, but it should be ended anyway.

The Dept. of Energy Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing loan program has some great successes behind it, such as the Nissan Leaf, the Chevy Volt and the Tesla Model S. But there are a few failures, and the way of Congress nowadays is to amplify any negative that can be used to bash the Obama Administration. According to the Detroit News, the House Appropriations Committee is intending to cut the remaining funds out of the ATVM loan program coffers, effectively ending further government loans for advanced technology vehicle development.

The program dates from the Bush 43 administration, following his State of the Union speech where he declared the US is Addicted to Oil. Among the programs enacted to attempt to wean the U.S. off Oil was the ATVM program. When the Obama administration came to power that program became a convenient tool for the green technology revolution vision, but as part of the auto industry support badly needed thanks to the economic crisis perpetrated by the Bush administration.


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