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CIRCONTROL launches the TRIO Quick Charger (AC&DC) for the new generation of Electric Cars

New TRIO Quick Charger station with AC 43Kw – DC 50kW CCS – DC 50kW CHAdeMO
Connectivity through OCPP to join most deployed software’s of E-mobility operators
Proven compatibility with the current and upcoming version of Japanese, American and European electric vehicles

CIRCONTROL, one of the European leaders in charging stations, launches the TRIO Quick Charging station with AC 43kW and dual DC 50kW CCS & CHAdeMO.

CIRCONTROL complies with International and EU standards with Slow and Fast charging systems and is continuously working on new developments with the coming regulations.

The Quick Charger supports both simultaneous charging DC and AC, featuring power management for customer convenience.

The unit can be delivered as a compact charger including the power module and user interface at the same enclosure or it can be separated power module and user interface dispenser for noise reduction and aesthetic reasons making it the most versatile fast charging station.

The TRIO Quick Charger will be presented at EVS 27 ( at Barcelona in November 2013. The Quick Charger with AC 43kW and DC 50kW CHAdeMO are available throughout Europe.

The CIRCONTROL intelligent chargers have network connectivity with E-Mobility operators software’s through open standards interfaces, such as the widely adopted Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP), enabling easy and secure payments via RFID cards, smart-phone, parking management terminals, RFID or pin code access.

Our SCADA software allows remote monitoring, pro-active maintenance and functional upgrades providing customers with the tools necessary to gather customer specific usage statistics and reports.

As a part of our product compatibility test, CIRCONTROL has performed successfully charging compliances with major electric car manufacturers such Nissan, Renault, BMW, VDE, Mitsubishi, Toyota, etc… ZE Ready solutions are also available.

CIRCONTROL has delivered more than 5.000 charging stations during the last 5 years with half-hundred quick chargers and increasing.

We invite visitors of EVS27 to come and see us (November 17-20012).
CIRCONTROL will have a booth with demonstration of Quick Chargers, Urban chargers, Parking Chargers and V2G & Energy storage application.

CIRCONTROL is a manufacturer company with headquarters in Barcelona, Spain.

It is specialized in efficiency solutions for car parks and recharging solutions for electric vehicles. CIRCONTROL is worldwide leader company in parking guidance system with more than 300 car parks in 41 countries, extended experience in major and small parking and smart interface with intelligent EV recharging station.\


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