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Charging rates make EVs attractive in Hawaii

To reduce Hawaii’s dependence on fossil fuel, the State of Hawaii has set a goal of achieving 70 percent of its energy from clean sources by 2030. The widespread deployment of EVs in Hawaii is a key approach toward the reduction of fossil fuel dependency. Increased use of EVs can reduce Hawaii’s dependency on imported oil and encourage use of electricity from indigenous renewable resources, such as wind and solar. Fueling a vehicle with electricity, even from conventional generation, is cleaner and costs the customer less per mile than using gasoline in an internal combustion engine.

An all-electric vehicle charging at an event in Washington, D.C. Credit: DOE/NREL

The Hawaiian Electric Companies received approval last week from the Hawaii Public Utilities Commission for two new EV pilot charging rates, in an effort to make it financially attractive for business customers to open new public EV charging facilities metered separately from other uses.

Businesses can now take advantage of EV time-of-use rates without the “demand charge” typically assessed to commercial customers. This new rate will encourage businesses to provide direct current fast charging, which delivers a quicker charge but at a higher demand. A DC fast charging station can bring an “empty” EV battery to an 80 percent charge in about 30 minutes.

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